Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre


The Ontario Science Centre is a popular attraction in Toronto. March 26 is the Saturday of the Good Friday/Easter Monday statutory long weekend in Canada, so the venue will be even busier than usual! The event will be held in the Telus Conference Room.

See their Directions page for driving and transit information.

Parking information

If you arrive before 9am, parking is free for the rest of the day (as long as you don't exit the parking lot). After 9am, if you mention you are there for this event, you will receive a special flat rate of $5 for the day. (Regular parking rate is $10 for the day.)


Don't leave empty handed! These companies will be setting up vending tables at the event. You will be able to shop for their products in person.

CLYW Return Top Shop Return Top Shop Treasure Island Toys

Telus Conference Room

After walking into the main entrance, take the escalator in the lobby to go to the second floor. You do not need to pay for admission if you are only there for this event, and not for the rest of the exhibits.

When you arrive on the second floor, you'll see this mezzanine area. This area is an open space for practicing and socializing. The main contest stage and vendor tables will in the TELUS Conference Room at the far end of the area.

The TELUS Conference Room is a large room with a high ceiling. At the contest, these tables will be replaced with rows of theatre-style seating facing the main stage.

Telus Conference Room

Speaking of stage, good news for 4A players this year! The stage floor is black with a hard texture without carpet.

Telus Conference Room