Championship Freestyle rules

Sport Ladder rules

Championship Freestyle Rules

Your most inventive tricks, set to music. Entertainment counts!


Stage Use

Specific Considerations For 1A Freestyles

Specific Considerations For Open Freestyles

Specific Considerations for International X Freestyles

Sport Ladder Rules

The Sport Ladder is open to anyone not competing in a Championship Freestyle division. Competitors complete as much as they can of the Sport Ladder.

Sport Ladder Tricks

Video instructions are kindly provided by
Note that we are only doing 1A tricks.

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Here is the list of tricks, in order.

  1. Sleeper (3 seconds)
  2. Side Throw
  3. Tower
  4. Elevator
  5. Braintwister (1 Somersault)
  6. Trapeze
  7. Split the Atom (3 somersaults)
  8. Double or Nothing
  9. Mach 5 (5 Rotations)
  10. Cold Fusion
  11. Pop'n'Fresh (2 reps)
  12. Gerbil
  13. Plastic Whip
  14. Eli Hop (3 Reps)
  15. Boingy Boingy (5 Reps)
  16. Gyroscopic Flop
  17. Kwijibo
  18. Hook
  19. Suicide Catch (2 Reps)
  20. Iron Whip (2 Reps)
  21. Kamikaze
  22. Spirit Bomb
  23. Throwhand Grind (2-Grinds)
  24. Black Hop